• Compact keyboard design and easy to input files.
  • Shape has some operations such as Proportion, Rotate, and Mirror. Shape can be arrayed in matrix, interaction and stacked modes.
  • Steel plate can be adjusted according to any steel side.
  • Coordinate system can be customized to support the two-dimensional coordinates of all eight kinds.
  • All input and output port type and the number can be customized (normally open or normally closed).
  • Self-diagnostic function, to diagnose the key status and all the IO status, facilitate inspection and debug.
  • Provides a front USB interface for copying files.
  • System can be upgraded by USB interface easily, and we provide lifetime upgrade service.
  • All functions & techniques can be upgraded online and don’t worry about after sale service.
  • Import and export files by single or all files.
  • Parameters backup and parameters restore.
  • Supports the Flame, Plasma, Marker and Demonstration of four kinds of mode.
  • Including various types of processing parameters to meet the needs of different processes.
  • Flame and Plasma are separated in the control IO ports.
  • Support THC (Torch Height Control), two-level preheat, three-level pierce in flame mode.
Technical Specifications:

  • Control Axis: 2 axis linkage (3 axis customizable)
  • Control accuracy: +/-0.001mm.
  • Coordinate range: +/- 99999.99mm.
  • Max pulses: 200 kHz.
  • Max speed: 15,000 mm/m.
  • Max lines of code: 80,000lines.
  • Max size of single code file: 4M.
  • Time resolution: 10ms.
  • Working Voltage: DC +24V direct-current power input, power > 80W。.
  • Working Temperature: -10℃~+60℃. Relative Humidity, 0~95%.
  • Max power of drive arc THC motor: 45W (suitable for models with “T”). if need more power, can select maximum value: 200W.
Hardware Configuration:

  • Monitor: 10.4 inch 800*600, high definition 16 million colors and high brightness LCD.
  • Memory: 64M SDRAM.
  • Program space available for user: 256M electronic hard disk.
  • CPU frequency: 400MHz.
  • USB: USB 1.1 front interface, at least 16GB U disk supportable.
  • Keyboard: PCB keyboard.
  • Chassis: full-steel structure completely shielded which defends electromagnetic radiation, interference and static electricity.
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